Monaco Beking was conceived as a cycling festival, but it is much more than that!
The ultimate aim of the event is to make an active contribution to raising funds for two charitable foundations of the Princesse Charlène de Monaco Foundation, concretely supporting their activities and shedding light on issues of particular social relevance. Sport gives rise to extraordinary opportunities that can have a tangible impact on the social fabric.

Princesse Charlène de Monaco Foundation

The Princesse Charlène de Monaco Foundation, created the 14th December 2012, has a main goal: to save lifes by fighting against drowning.

Its missions aim to raise awareness on water hazards, to teach kids preventive measures and to swim. Numerous programmes (like “Learn to Swim” and “Water Safety”) take place around the world fro this reason. The programme “Sport and education” uses sport as a means of contibuting to children wellbeing and development.

Fight AIDS Monaco

Since 2004, the association Fight Aids Monaco, created by H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, support people living with HIV.

Fight Aids Monaco develops its actions both in Monaco, in France with “La Maison de Vie” in Carpentras and internationally with local partners in Madagascar, Burundi, Mauritius and South Africa. Its goals : Accompany, Support and Prevention.

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